Monday, May 23, 2011

Exhaustion is totally worth it!

These past couple days have been it seems that everyone in Paris is constantly on the go and never stops. I have been all over Paris and have seen a lot of the things I have not seen since I was 10 years old. Yesterday, I went to Le Centre Georges Pompidou. Le Centre Georges Pompidou is a museum of modern art.....not only does it show modern art, but it is modern art itself:
(Centre Georges Pompidou)

This modern building is smack dab in the middle of the old buildings of Paris----the French love to include modern with the old.....but according to some of the French, they find that the building is taking away from the  beauty of the city.

I also was walked to l'Ile de France which is where Notre Dame is located. L'Ile de France and the river banks and the Seine are my favorite parts to see because there are so many artists and vendors along the streets; there is just so much to see there. I also managed to take a few photos of Notre Dame and the Seine alongside it.

Whenever I see these statues, it always reminds me of the beginning of the film, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." 

My mother would probably kill my for posting this but she won't ever see it sooo yea above is a photo of me and my mom on the Seine
Notre Dame

Today I was supposed to go to the Chateau de Versailles but unfortunately it was closed I am going there on Wednesday. Since I couldn't go to Versailles today, my mom and I went to check out the apartment that i will be moving into on Sunday and then I went to check out the l'Institut Catholique de Paris--which is the school I will be attending. After that my mom and I just walked back---however it was a very long walk and made us very sleepy. Along the way back to where we are staying, I saw--for the first time ever--L'Academie Francaise. L'Academie is where the French dictionary and all the ridiculously difficult rules came about. 
 L'Academie Francaise
Me in front of l'Academie

and just a close up because my mom felt like it! haha

Also on the way back we stopped at Maison de Berthillon and had some of the BEST ice cream ever! So if you are ever in Paris, I suggest getting some icecream at Berthillon! Well that is pretty much the adventure for today and I am completely exhausted...I am not used to waking up at 8am in the morning and walking around ALL day. But its the price I pay to see some amazing things

Well thats all for now folks! Update y'all in a couple days!

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