Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh la la...what a trip

So much for easy travels :( . I arrived in France around noon yesterday---and remember, France is 7-8 hours ahead of those living the eastern and central time zones. I left "Sweet home Alabama" at 4pm on Thursday and travelling was far from easy and peaceful. I am one who normally LOVES flying and LOVES travelling, but this time it was just a nuisance. My flight from Huntsville was one of the smallest planes that I have ever been on, and thats coming from someone who has been on the Concord when it was still in use. I know I am a giant and all  but it is bad when I stand up in the isle of the plane and my head touches the ceiling. Anyways, I sit in my seat, only to be cramped by the person in front of me and I felt as if I was nearly in my mothers lap--she was sitting next to me. Thankfully that plane ride was a little less than 2 hours. When we got off the plane my ears were popping and aching while trying to adjust to the air pressure. When we landed, we had to nearly run and change terminals because our flight to France was nearly all much for having an hour layover. Thankfully we boarded okay and my mom said, "Maintenant, nous parlons Francais!"....which means, "Now, we speak French." It was tough speaking French to my mother because I grew up only speaking English to her. But thankfully, she allows me to speak some English to her and she has been a great help. The plane ride started off pretty awesome; each person had their own personal little TV and with probably 50 movie choices---it WAS AWESOME! Just as I was starting to watch "Love and Other Drugs," the rude and unfriendly lady infront or me leaned her seat back ALLLLL the way. Not only could I not see my movie, but I am around 5'10", maybe just a tad bit shorter, and I had this lady basically in my lap. I didn't want to be rude to the lady behind me by leaning my seat back so I asked the lady if she would mind moving her seat up just a little. And you know what she said? "NO! Other people have their seats leaned back so I should be able to lean mine back." OHHHHHHHHHHHHH the answer I had to return to her...but of course I couldn't say it because my mom was seated right next to me and plus, I try to be as polite as possible haha. So anyways, the steward saw the blatant rudeness radiating off this women and he asked her to put her seat up. Which was kind of him but it didn't last long and I was cramped the rest of the 7 and a half hour flight; not able to get any sleep. So I took advantage of the tv and watched TRON and played games as well. By the time we landed in Paris, I had been up for almost 30 hours and was cranky. All I wanted was a nap. However, I was unable to take one because the taxi ride to the apartment was over an hour long---and I feared for my life. PEOPLE IN FRANCE DRIVE LIKE CRAZIES! With the people on mo-peds and motorcycles just zooming in between cars and NOT stopping for pedestrians, I surely thought the taxi driver would get us into an accident.

Thankfully we arrived to our apartment in one piece, only to find that the internet not working, the shower was broken, and the oven and dishwasher won't open. UGH. All I wanted was to shower and sleep BUT I couldn't even do that. So we called the Realtor and they came to the apartment thinking we were "stupid idiots," but they realized that nothing was working. Thankfully an hour later, the plumber had arrived and fixed the shower----we are still waiting on the dishwasher and oven. As for sleep, I completely passed out--on the couch no less--at 7pm only to find myself wide awake at 2am. OH the joys of jetlag. I thought that maybe watching some netflix or catching up on the Bones episode I missed might put me back to sleep; BUT the thing is, netflix and american video website (except for youtube) don't allow you to view the movies or shows in a different country....just my luck. So, of course, I get on facebook and chat with some friends back at home because it was only 7pm their time. Eventually, around 3:30 to 4am I fell back asleep and woke up this morning quite rested--thankfully. Definitely not a morning person so about 12 hours of sleep did me some good.

Well, now that I have caught y'all up on the somewhat obnoxious trip over here, I have to get ready for my day! Catch up with you later!!

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