Thursday, June 2, 2011


SORRY that I haven't updated y'all in forever; it has been super hectic here in sweet Paris. This week, not only did I move into my apartment, but it was also my birthday and the start of class for me. On Sunday, me and my roommate (here in France) Kristin moved into our apartment--its cute...and has three bedrooms. However, when we got here we realized that there was no common area, the toilet was broken, and the third room had previously been occupied by a smoker----a smoker that smoked inside and in her room. To say the least, that room REEKED of smoke....and almost a week later, its still reeks---and I can tolerate my fair share of smoke. OH and our toilet is still broken.....go figure :( . But besides that the apartment is great.

The two other girls (besides me and Kristin) arrived in Paris on Sunday and moved into their housing; since then we all have gotten to know each other and hang out. Monday I had my French oral exam; it went pretty well and  then Tuesday, I started class....the first day of class was not only 6 hours long, but it was my BIRTHDAY. Not going to lie, it really did suck that I had 6 hours of class on my birthday-sadly I didn't get to celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday, but me and the three other girls went out last night to celebrate. There is this AWESOME bad in Paris called "Urgence Bar." It is located in the medical district and everything there is medical themed; for example, the drinks were all named after medical terms and they were served in test tubes and baby bottles. It was sooo funny. When we first got there, it was empty----I though "Oh great, this place must not be that  good if there is no one really here." However, I was VERY mistaken. The place filled up within the next half hour. The service was great and the bartender was very entertaining. If any of y'all EVER take a trip to Paris, I would recommend that you just stop in into Urgence definitely is a fun time!
The menu at Urgence Bar...I don't know if you can really see, but some names are "Laxatif," "Massage," and even "Viagra." Strange, but interesting 

Me and my roommate!

These were the little tables at the bar. Inside this one was an least that is what it looked like.

The back of the menu...stuff on there called "Bouche a Bouche" and "Ventousse"

This table just had a bunch of medication in it

Me....and my "baby bottle." Haha definitely a fun way to celebrate

This week, I have been constantly on the go. Today, I do not have class so the four of us in the program are going on a "Heart of Paris" we are going to be tourists for the afternoon! Then hopefully, we are going to go see the "Hangover 2." Sidenote: strange enough, the French changed its title from Hangover 2 to "Very Bad Trip 2." It makes no sense to my why they did that...... ANYWAYS, I gotta go so I will update y'all later....hopefully it won't be another week till I do so.

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