Monday, July 11, 2011

only 3 weeks left....

As I started my July semester at l' Institut Catholique, I realized I only have 3 weeks left here in France. I am starting to feel that same bittersweet feeling I felt before I left the United States. I have done so much here in France and learned so much! I have gone on amazing trips and excursions and seen things some people only dream of seeing.

The weekend before my July semester started, I went to visit my cousins in the south of France with my friend Christine. It was an amazing opportunity and I spoke much more French there than I do here in Paris. I have progressed in the language and I thought that this last month of July would continue to better my French.....however, I was sadly mistaken. My class this semester is absolutely horrible and my teacher is crazy. She doesn't explain anything and seriously lectures for 3 hours straight.....not even letting us--students--talk to try and improve our French. We are also learning things that are elementary and it is just not what I payed a large amount of money for. For this reason, I am ready to go home---I miss my family and my friends back in Alabama.

HOWEVER, the people that I have met here in France have made this such an amazing adventure. This month, I could not ask for better roommates and better friends. We are all so different but we get along great; we all go out and have amazing times...we have little parties/get-togethers that are always quite amusing---especially since some of the girls tend to have dance offs--------like I said, so amusing. I will be sad to leave because there is a small chance that I will see some of these people ever again. Although, I do want to take a trip to Canada to see my awesome Canadian roommates again!

These next three weeks are going to go by so fast and before I know it, I will be back in the heart of Dixie.


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